Thanks to a solid know-how acquired through years of work in the hotel and restaurant industry, Alex Delazer’s experts are able to support customers in their business ventures from the planning phase up to performance optimization. Services include the development of the business concept, feasibility studies, supervision of the hiring process and all activities necessary for a successful preopening.

Financial planning and control

Based on a thorough assessment of your costs and a break-even point analysis, we can optimise your economic success by reducing costs while maintaining a high level of quality.

Your business is going on well, your turnover is good, but you feel like you are still working for peanuts? We often focus too heavily on proceeds and forget about the costs. Our strategy is therefore based on an in-depth analysis of the following areas:

  • Costs
  • Break-even point

To minimise your costs while maintaining a high level of quality, a provisional budget offers an accurate forecast of the company’s trends, allowing you to better manage your business and keep your cash flow under control.
We want to help you set up an effective business, innovate, grow and reduce spending while keeping your standards high.

Financial planning and control
Business planning Feasibility studies and business plans
Financing Investment feasibility
Crisis management Development of action plans

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